Who We Are

Lucidum is a structured network of academia, advisors, industry representatives and technology providers in the risk governance chain. We provide governance, risk management, compliance and ethics advisory and consulting services in Sub-Saharan Africa to corporates and small-medium enterprises as well as non-profit organisations. We understand the need to align risk management practices to targeted budget, revenue and other strategic outcomes and do not sell "risk governance" -services as an end in itself.

Our focus is to enable Broards, Governing Bodies, Risk Committees, Audit Committees, Social & Ethics Committees, EXCO's and divisional teams through risk intelligent programs to govern risk and to make quality informed decisions, that can be effectively executed. Because we aim for decision outcomes (as opposed to process inputs) along the risk governance value chain, we can flexibly adjust implementation to suit our clients' needs without compromising good governance and agreed minimum standards. We anable our clients through skills transfer and guidance to ensure sustainability of what we sell, for optimal long-term benefit.


Lucidum's approach is based on its Risk Governance Value Chain©. In this chain, we have built strong, transparent partnerships and associations with experts in each field, to optimize our fee structure and to ensure that our delivery to clients is of highest quality and aligned with the latest thought leadership. We assist clients to achieve risk governance outcomes with the least intrusion and by incorperating as much of each client's existing policies, processes and systems. This enables us to deliver high value outcomes at efficient prices.


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